Brian Suggs, NWA Mold Inspector

What to expect

The first thing to do is call or email me. We will have an in depth discussion usually 20-30 minutes long as to why you think there is a mold problem, and what should be the next course of action. Many mold issues are not as serious as other companies may make it out to be and can be cleaned up with some guidance from a professional. However, some issues can be more severe and require professional help; and if we determine that more needs to be done, we will set up a time to come out to test for the types and concentration of molds present and compare them to the ambient air outside the home.

Here are a few sample mold reports:

report report report report

A good result is where the indoor air has lower concentrations than the outside air and will result in a clearance report. If the inside air has high concentrations of mold, the report will give a better idea of where it is located and what type of mold is present. From here the decision will be made again if it is something the owner or a simple repair service would be able to fix or if a specialized mold remediation service is necessary. This determination will be written up as a Mold Remediation Protocol or MRP.

An MRP will look similar to this:

The MRP will have an overview, followed by a description of the tests done as well the results. Next will be the Remediation Protocol describing the scope of work needed with possible pictures, suggested resources, the procedure for containing and removing mold and contaminated materials, and an estimate of the cost and time for the project. Next will be a section for any post-remediation verification needed, and the verification procedure.

After remediation, or in the case of a test not showing any problems, a clearance report will be made. A clearance report will show the test results giving the all clear, as well as guidelines for maintaining a healthy environment. A typical clearance report will look something like this:

Once you have received the clearance report with a clearance statement, that's it!