Why do I need both an Environmental Consultant and a Remediatior?

Mold on a wall

One question we often hear when returning the results of a mold inspection is, “Why can’t you just handle the remediation?” It is an understandable question. After dealing with NWA Mold Inspector through the consultation and testing process, a level of trust is established, and the client is eager to remedy their mold situation once and for all. However, we at NWA Mold Inspector believe that an objective testing service is the best way to provide an accurate assessment of the indoor environment of your home or business.

The IIRC S520 (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) is the industry standard reference book for remediators. It states (no less than six times) that an independent Environmental Consultant should be used to test, and a separate company employed to remediate, to avoid an obvious conflict of interest.

Objective testing is a critical step in the overall process of addressing a possible mold problem. Although it may be tempting to skip the inspection and hire a remediator directly, doing so can prove to be a reckless move you may soon regret. Simply spotting an area of possible mold is not enough to determine if you need remediation and the processes that need to be used to fully eradicate the mold. Detailed testing is needed to determine which rooms are effected, whether the mold is airborne, and other factors which need to be considered when remediation is planned. For example, the presence of mold in one room does not necessarily indicate a mold problem throughout the house, and you could end up spending hundreds or even thousands to treat rooms that are free of mold. On the other hand, mold may be present in rooms where no visible indication exists.

If NWA Mold Inspector is engaged to test your home or facility and a mold issue is discovered, you are free to hire any remediator you choose. While NWA Mold Inspector does maintain a mold remediator license, we do so that we can define protocols for those providing remediation services for our clients. We will be happy to help you find the help you need. If you don’t have a remediator in mind, we will recommend a company that is best suited to address your situation. We will even provide a written protocol for them to follow, to ensure your mold issues are addressed thoroughly.

Do you suspect you have mold in your home? We want to help!