Testing for mold in hard to reach places

A hold drilled into a cabinet with a device in it

Many times we are asked if removing structures or cabinets is required to check for mold in areas that can not be visually inspected. The good news is that it almost always is not! In fact, to test in an area such as under cabinets, which is a common area for mold growth because of sinks and other sources of water in the area, only a small hole big enough to fit the testing apparatus through is required.

This is true for both kitchens and bathrooms, as well as many other situations where water can reach into a space that is not easily accessible. To test for suspected mold under cabinets, only a small hole needs to be made which is where the tester is threaded through, and as long as air can flow through the space it can be tested. If there is no mold present, then that's it! Testing this way saves both time and money, and if there is mold present, prevents the mold from possibly being spread by moving contaminated materials.

If you have had a water leak that reached under your cabinets, especially if they contain food or utensals, it is suggested that you have them inspected for potential mold growth.

Do you suspect you have mold in your home? We want to help!