Big Guy in a Little Car!

I recently bought a Honda Fit in an effort to mitigate the amount of money I was spending on fuel in my Chevrolet Avalanche. I drive 2000 miles per month and was spending around 450.00 per month on fuel. My goal in searching for a new car was 30 miles per gallon. As it turns out the Fit gets 36 miles per gallon on average.

I laugh every time I Fill up the Honda Fit, because it cost less than 20.00. It has a 10 gallon gas tank with a 350 to 400 mile range. I’m saving around 300.00 per Month. That is my monthly payment on the Honda Fit! Essentially, I’m driving a Free car!

I’m doing my part to go green, and ironically I’m a Mold Inspector!

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