Dry Water Damage Quickly to Prevent Mold Growth

With all this rain in the area you may be experiencing water damage or even flooding. If you experience any water inside your NW Arkansas home it is very important to get it dry within 24 to 48 hours. Failure to do so could result in mold growth.

In 2011 many homes and businesses were flooded by the torrential rainfall. Many were not able to get their properties dry in enough time to prevent mold growth. As a result mold grew and proliferated inside these properties. Many used bleach on porous substrates such as drywall and wood framing. This only resulted in more mold growth.

The Right Way to Prevent Mold After Water Damage

Shortly after this flood, the EPA came out with recommendations for cleaning up mold damaged building products. This recommendation declared that bleach should not be used on porous substrates such as drywall and wood framing. Such substrate should be removed and disposed of under a contained environment using equipment containing HEPA filtration. Failure to follow proper protocol could result in cross-contamination throughout the property.

Mold is Serious – Call NWA Mold Inspector Today!!

Mold can be very serious to certain individuals in an indoor environment. It is very important to follow proper protocol in order to prevent further contamination of the property. Call NWA Mold Inspector for a free evaluation of your property

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